Why I Quit

I Quit My Job– The Next Phase Begins NOW

Well, I ultimately proceeded and also did it … After 4 years from the beginning of this blog (February 2012), that long as well as wonderful awaited day that I have actually been fantasizing around has actually ultimately shown up … I am formally MADED WITH design and high-tech. Young boy, now, I obtained ta tell you, I go to a loss for words. I always visualized that writing this blog post would certainly be extremely simple, yet as I get started below today, it’s confirming to be quite difficult!

Really, I think it’s impossible to share right into words all the emotions that I am undergoing now.

Right here are just some of them:

More than anything, I feel ALIVE!

Yeah, right …

My thinking was along the lines of, “These individuals are crazy! You compromise your one and ONLY life (that is finite) to make sure that you can gain more loan … What do you perform with that extra revenue? Way of life rising cost of living … New vehicle, bigger residence, more gadgets and toys, lavish holidays (that are incredibly temporary because of function), etc., all while never ever really experiencing the delights of being ALIVE!”

More like selling your heart to the evil one …

Just what’s life truly all about anyhow? Fitting and status until the day you die? Is that the type of life you would want to replay and watch on a big screen someday in the long run?

As I have actually rambled on ceaselessly with the years, I’ve CONSTANTLY thought that there is means, method even more to life compared to simply 9-5 till 65. Also when I was a great deal more youthful, in my early 20’s, I just can never buy into all the company publicity, like just how you’re expected to function your ass off to make sure that you can climb a dumb, fictitious ladder. You understand, the course to a “better life”.

For me, the response has always plainly been HECK NO!

In my eyes, life is about:

When you’ve got the moment to come and go as you please, you are LASTLY allowed the chance to combat for and accept the things that matter most to you!

Since last year, I’ve made it no key to visitors that I have actually been battling with consistent burn out for the longest time currently … Call me a wimp if you would certainly such as, but I grinded it out in Corporate The U.S.A. for close to 10 years, trying to place myself for this very minute. One thing I have actually found out along the means is that it’s your life, so focus on what makes you pleased!

Try out brand-new things as well as suggestions.
Discovering the world, traveling, living in different countries.
Challenging yourself regularly.
Costs and also valuing time with those you enjoy the majority of.
Doing pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want (if I wish to go hiking at 2 PM because the climate is stunning I ought to be permitted to!).
At an early stage in my adult life, I determined just what I truly desired in this globe … So, I understood my gameplan had to be centered around that. When it boils down to it, exactly what I’ve been going after for all along has actually been FLEXIBILITY!

Haters are going to hate …

With that said stated, I have actually made it this far since I have actually never ever let haters get in my method. No matter just what you perform in life, you will CONSTANTLY have skeptics and also those that want you to fail … You don’t even need to go out of your way due to the fact that sadly, these sad souls can be located anywhere …

Who gives a sh!t!?!

Fight on, regardless …

Once, I had an ex-girlfriend who I loved … and also she told me, “You recognize, you’re a great deal like a blade of turf … You aren’t sure exactly what you desire in life and simply let the wind take you wherever it wants.”

Those words always stuck to me, as well as I can claim that I frequently used them as inspiration to get me with adversity.

And that’s exactly what I did …


In my own present circumstance, there’s no denying that it’s aggravating now. There’s a lots of uncertainty … and I will never recommend to any person that I have whatever all identified … Far from it … Yes, I’ve got a harsh gameplan in position, yet how often does life ever before go appropriately to manuscript? That’s simply wishful thinking … Allow’s deal with reality below … Today, absolutely I feel overwhelmed, I won’t lie …

A good buddy of mine in senior high school once told me, “You’re also stupid to be a designer, bro.” I took place to acquire 2 B.S. levels (Mechanical and Materials Science) and also a M.S. (Electrical) in design.
Since I didn’t study Electric Engineering as a basic, I was informed by a lot of everyone that I wouldn’t be able to shift into the semiconductor market. I carved out an entire job in industry functioning as both a hardware and software engineer. No, I don’t have a Computer technology (CS) level … However I educated myself that, anyway …
I was made fun of and also mocked by my peers for living at home with family in order to conserve money in my very early 20’s. A lot of my friends were living huge in the city, in trendy houses. I reached a total assets of over $1,000,000 in 2015. Much of those movie critics are still paying large sums each month in rent and living income to paycheck.
I was told I would never ever be able to retire by age 30. This previous week, I took a look at of the ready proficient at age 31, so I guess they were right regarding that … I fizzled by 1 year …

Life ain’t simple, that’s for certain …

I point out the above bullet points to show visitors a few of the challenges I’ve had to get over in my life … I’m sure the majority of you could associate!

Say goodbye to stable revenue, no more job, no more medical care strategy, and so on, and so on.

So exactly what?

Life is everything about obstacles as well as obstacles. Exactly how can you possibly expand without them?

So let’s knuckle up and also locate a method to make it work!

Yes, it holds true that I try to transform a lot of the negativity I come across into further inspiration, adding fuel to the fire …

I’m ready to tackle on the next chapters of my life.

However shed in all that is the tremendous quantity of assistance that I’ve received over the years from the people who truly do issue– good friends, family members, blog site viewers, as well as complete strangers.

Most significantly, border on your own with fantastic points and excellent individuals will start to occur …

That things outdoes whatever else; Thank you all!

I would not have had the ability to complete all that I have without you!

And like I said, it’s time for me to return and also aid others accomplish their very own dreams …

I couldn’t be extra thrilled!.

I truly do think that the globe is loaded with some lovely fantastic as well as simple people. I’ve been privileged sufficient to satisfy several for many years. And also since I’m devoid of the irons of wage slavery, I’m going to focus the bulk of my effort and time on cherishing much more moments with these people.

So, if anyone wants to assemble for coffee, don’t hesitate to fire me a message every now and then.

This journey is constantly evolving and now we have actually gotten to an inflection factor where the pursuit is no more about me …

To better days!

One thing I have actually learned along the means is that it’s your life, so concentrate on what makes you happy! Life ain’t simple, that’s for sure …

In my own current situation, therePresent circumstance denying that it’s refuting right now. There’s a bunch of uncertainty … and I will never ever recommend to anyone that I have every little thing all figured out … Far from it … Yes, I’ve obtained a harsh gameplan in place, however just how frequently does life ever before go accordingly to script?

As I’ve rambled on persistently through the years, I have actually ALWAYS thought that there is way, way more to life than just 9-5 till 65. Is that the kind of life you would certainly want to replay and watch on a big screen someday in the distant future?