What is Portugal Golden Visa?

Portugal Golden Visa is an immigrant investor program that grants residency to individuals who invest in real estate and create jobs. To become eligible for Portugal Golden Visa, you need to invest at least €500,000 in the country. To find out more, read on. Here is some information on the requirements and costs. You may also want to check out Portugal Golden Visa FAQs. Let us know your plans! It is time to start living in Portugal!

Real estate

The Portuguese government has implemented the Golden Visa to attract foreign investors and to encourage investments in the low-density regions of Portugal, such as Madeira and the Azores. Portugal is home to a thriving real estate market with good investment opportunities and an advantageous tax regime. In order to receive a Golden Visa, foreign investors must invest EUR350,000 or more in real estate in the country. These investment opportunities must be maintained for five years. The residence permit granted can be renewed for two more two-year periods. To maintain the residency permit, the applicant must be in Portugal for seven days in the first year and 14 days during each subsequent two-year period.

While the Portuguese property market was hit by the credit crisis in 2010-2012, prices have since recovered and have increased 7.5% a year through 2020. Prices will grow 11.6% by 2021, making them one of the cheapest places to buy property in western Europe. Real estate in Lisbon remains affordable and many Golden Visa projects are being built outside the capital. If you’re thinking of a Golden Visa for real estate investment in Portugal, now is the time to invest. In Portugal, you’ll find a thriving and diverse real estate market.

Whether you’re interested in buying a holiday home or a home for retirement, the new rules on the Golden Visa will help you decide where to invest. If you’re thinking of purchasing a property in Portugal, you’ll find many opportunities in the low-density areas. This includes hotels, touristic apartments, and pre-existing Airbnbs. If you’re interested in investing in a property that needs a significant amount of renovation work, you’ll want to look at an area with fewer inhabitants than seventy percent of the national average.

Investment fund

Investing in Portuguese golden visa investment funds can provide a tax efficient strategy for foreign investors. The income from investment funds is tax free, meaning investors can avoid paying withholding taxes on their investment yields. This is particularly beneficial for investors who do not pay taxes on the income they generate, such as real estate. While Portugal taxes rental income at a flat rate of 28%, the government offers investment funds that don’t incur this expense. With an average 3-5% yield, investors can expect to make their investment money back in a year.

In addition to tax benefits, Portuguese Golden Visa investment funds can provide investors with significant tax savings. Non-tax residents can avoid withholding taxes on fund income. In addition, annual dividends and eventual capital appreciation may be higher in funds associated with the Golden Visa program. Real Estate Funds, Securities Funds, and Venture Capital Funds are just a few examples of investment options associated with the program. Investors should understand how much fees are associated with managing their funds, and the fees that their custodian bank will charge.

Another type of investment fund is the Portugal 88 fund. This fund invests in luxury airbnb properties. The expectation is to earn 5% on each investment. The investor must be willing to use the luxury residence they purchase to earn their return. Unlike many other investment funds, this fund has a lower risk and a higher return profile than most of them. This means that investors can invest in Portugal’s real estate market without worrying about losing money.

Before investing in Portugal, it’s important to open a Portuguese bank account. This will serve as proof of your investment. The process varies from bank to bank, but typically requires you to provide your NIF, proof of residence, and proof of income and profession. Then, you will need to deposit EUR250 ($274) into the account. Portugal has an excellent banking system and numerous reputable institutions to help investors.


Before applying for the Portugal Golden Visa, foreign nationals must first meet the requirements set by the country. These requirements include being a resident of the Schengen area, which is composed of 26 European countries. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Liechtenstein. The visa is valid for two years, and must be renewed every two years.

As for the visa’s requirements, investors must invest in an area that is not overdeveloped. There are two kinds of areas: high-density and low-density. If you invest in a low-density area, you get a 20% discount, which makes it a cheaper option. For example, you can invest in a residential project in Portugal’s central regions.

A high-quality Portuguese investment in a business or project that will create ten new jobs is required to get the golden visa. The investment must also be at least EUR500K. You must also invest a minimum of EUR500k in a project that creates a minimum of ten new jobs for Portuguese nationals. You must also invest at least EUR350,000 in Portuguese heritage and arts. Finally, you must not have a criminal record.

There are some geographical restrictions for the Portuguese Golden Visa. For example, you cannot invest in a property within the city of Lisbon and in certain coastal areas. The Portuguese government encourages foreign investors to invest in the rehabilitation of older properties, so the minimum stay period is seven days during the first year and fifteen days in subsequent years. If you meet the requirements, you can obtain a permanent residency permit in Portugal. After five years, you can apply for citizenship in Portugal.


The Portugal Golden Visa Entrepreneur Program is not for everyone. It is best for people with bigger staff and those willing to hire Western Europeans. The cost of this program is EUR500,000 in 2022. However, it is still a great option for those with capital to invest and a plan for expansion. While not everyone is eligible for this visa, it is still worth checking out if you can afford it. Listed below are some of the costs associated with the Portugal Golden Visa Entrepreneur Program.

The costs of the Portugal Golden Visa are similar to those of obtaining a Greek Golden Visa. The application process requires a EUR5,325 fee for the applicant and $6,185 for dependents. The costs for this visa are high, but are well worth it if you plan to spend long-term in Portugal. Those with a lot of money can buy an apartment in Lisbon for around EUR250,000.

The costs of the Portugal Golden Visa vary from person to person. A lawyer can cost EUR4,000 to EUR5,000 to file your application. Other fees include stamp duty and taxes. This can easily run up to 10% of the overall investment amount. Regardless of your choice of route, you can expect to spend at least EUR260K over the course of the application process. A legal team is essential when dealing with bureaucracy.

Before applying for a Portugal Golden Visa, it is best to secure a place to live. The country is home to a number of reliable financial institutions. The process is easy, but the paperwork can take months to finalise. In the meantime, you will need to obtain a translation of all documents that were submitted with your application. To apply for a Portugal Golden Visa, it is recommended that you preregister for the SEF website.

Renewing a golden visa

Renewing a Portugal golden visa involves presenting new documents, including a criminal record check, and demonstrating that you have been in Portugal for seven consecutive days. Each year thereafter, you must stay in Portugal for at least fourteen consecutive days. Once you have reached that number, you can then renew your residence permit. You can apply for a new Golden Visa every two years by visiting the SEF office in Portugal.

The Portugal Golden Visa program was first introduced in 2012 and has been actively promoted internationally. It attracts over 1000 main applicants every year. This special residency permit allows non-EU/EEA nationals to invest up to EUR500,000 or €280,000 in the country, and in return they receive a residency permit, as well as the right to bring their family to the country. Although this visa has a strict residency requirement, the benefits of EU residency continue, including the right to travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area.

The Portuguese tax system is particularly advantageous for people who are working in other countries but want to live in Portugal for a longer period. The country’s tax laws are extremely favourable for those on a Golden Visa. Non-EU citizens are exempt from paying income tax on worldwide income. However, income earned while living in Portugal is still subject to tax. This means that the Portugal Golden Visa is a great way to make a living and invest in the country.

Once you have met the criteria for your visa, you should make investments in one of the areas in Portugal where the Portuguese government is looking for foreign investment. This could be real estate or a venture capital fund, but the Portuguese government has made changes that limit where you can invest. The country’s coasts and major cities no longer qualify. But inland and rural areas will still qualify. There’s also a list of qualified dependents.