The Best Algarve Fishing Villages

Best algarve fishing villages

If you’re planning to travel to the Algarve this winter, there are a number of great fishing villages to consider. Here are four of my favourites: Budens, Alcoutim, Portimao, and Monsaraz. Take a look at the following pages for some information about each. And remember to make reservations in advance to enjoy the best rates! After reading the following article, you’ll be well on your way to planning your Algarve vacation!


A visit to Budens, one of the best fishing village in Algarve, will help you get acquainted with this lovely little town. The town is tucked between cliffs and has a lovely, white sandy beach. The village’s tiled facades are curious, and you’ll certainly be enchanted by the locals’ friendly manner. This is a great place for family outings, or you can head to the nearby towns of Farol and Deserta.

Another of the best places to stay is Casa BIBE in Silves. This charming guesthouse offers a balcony and a cosy room. The town is just 253 kilometers from Lisbon and 63 km from Faro. The city is home to the second largest city in the Algarve, Portimao. If you have enough time, you can combine your visit with an Algarve wine tasting.

The Portuguese Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, but it’s still worth taking the time to explore the quaint fishing villages and small towns. In 2021, tourism in Portugal will be slightly less crowded than it is right now, thanks to a recent set of travel restrictions. With the cold weather, people are yearning for some sunshine, so 2021 could be the perfect time to visit the Algarve.


If you’re planning a trip to the Algarve, you should consider spending a few days in inland Alcoutim. Located on the banks of the Guadiana River, this picturesque riverside village is 40 km inland and offers a different pace of life to the beaches of the Algarve. You can watch fishing boats and admire the view of the river from the paved esplanade.

The village of Alcoutim was inhabited by Man since the Middle Paleolithic era. Located by the river Guadiana, the village is comprised of traditional whitewashed houses. The surrounding natural scenery is a perfect blend of green mountain ranges and blue river waters. There are many beautiful churches, cafes, and restaurants in Alcoutim, but you can also spend your time shopping, eating, or taking a swim in the river.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot or a bustling market, Alcoutim has something for you. The town’s houses are mostly white and perched on a cliff, creating an atmospheric view. The buildings are decorated with a variety of red, orange, and blue details, making for excellent Instagram pictures. The town also boasts the remains of an 18th century fort.


If you’re looking for a traditional Portuguese village, then look no further than Portimao. This small, charming city is located on the Arade River, which flows into the Atlantic. A typical Portuguese working town, Portimao has a picturesque waterfront, pedestrianised streets, and quiet squares. While the town is not a popular tourist destination, there are several things to do while you’re here, including visiting the Museume de Portimao, which is housed in an old canning factory. You can also go to the Praia da Rocha, which is 3km south of the town.

The historic center of the city is charming, and there are plenty of places to eat and drink. The town has a lovely harbor, but it lacks the quaint Portuguese charm of many other Algarve towns. There are a number of apartment blocks on the outskirts of Portimao, but the village is still safe. There are no gleaming white hotels in Portimao, and it’s possible to stay in traditional painted houses.

The picturesque historic center of Portimao includes two distinct districts: the Bairro dos Pescadores, and Bairro dos Pescadore. In the former, fishermen lived in shacks made of cork. Today, you can find many restaurants that serve fresh fish, including local specialties. Aside from the restaurants, you can also find a karting track.


For those who enjoy the slow pace of life in a traditional Portuguese fishing village, Monsaraz is a good choice. It is a hilltop village, with whitewashed houses dating back to the 16th century and castle perched on one of its sides. A walk around the village will reveal its medieval heritage. A stop in Monsaraz will allow you to sample the local cuisine and drink the local wine and olive oil.

You can also visit the ancient village of Monsanto, which was voted the most Portuguese village in 1938. The village was once a strategic position on the side of a mountain, and today it is a walking trail hub. The town boasts an abandoned Templar castle, perched high above the town. The town also features charming traditional houses, with just enough room for a car.

If you’d rather not go far from Monsaraz, check out Lagos, a coastal town in western Algarve. You can explore the old town within the walls that once protected the town from pirates. Young surfers flock to this place for its long beaches and calm coves. Aside from the beach, there are plenty of other options to spend the day.


The town of Olhao is an interesting mix of old and new. In the seventeenth century, a Celt tribe flourished here, and the Phoenicians established tuna fisheries and fish-salting industries. These two civilisations were eventually conquered by the Romans, and they left their mark on the town. In later centuries, immigrants from North Africa and Iraq landed in the village, and the Inquisition destroyed most of the Jewish community. Napoleon fought and defeated the town on its outskirts, and the foreign soldiers added their DNA to the mix. Despite the foreign invasion, however, the Olhao people continued to preserve and respect their own culture and traditions.

Visitors can spend the day fishing, or go ashore to explore the surrounding area. The fishing port has a boardwalk and a picturesque harbor. Nearby are the Dunes, a protected dunes area, and several kilometres of natural beach. The beach has low rolling waves and a long column of soft sand. You can visit a market and eat fresh fish on the beach.


The coastal villages of the Algarve have long been popular destinations for vacationers. They offer the perfect balance between modernity and seafaring tradition, and are a great getaway from the cold weather and winter blues. Visitors will love the scented air and delicious, fresh fish at the local restaurants. Moreover, Algarve holiday rentals offer a comfortable place to stay while vacationing in the region.

Aside from the beaches, Sagres is home to the Port of Sagres, which was once an important strategic location for ships entering Europe. Corsairs often attacked this port, and it resulted in the building of the Sagres Fortress in the crags of the village. The town of Castro Marim, on the right bank of the Guadiana River, was inhabited by various civilizations before it was reconquered by the Portuguese in 1242. This vantage point was a strategic position for battles in the Algarve.

Although Sagres does not have many facilities, it’s worth making the effort to visit the fortified fortress at the top of the town. Henry the Navigator used it as a defense against pirates and other foreigners, and today the fort provides magnificent views of the surrounding coastline. Sagres is located near the town of Lagos, which is the main regional bus station. There are two bus services between Sagres and Lagos daily.


If you’re looking for a peaceful holiday in the Algarve, you may consider visiting Loule. The village is situated on a hill, away from the beach, and is a bustling hub for local farmers. You can buy fresh produce from them at the Saturday market, and browse the stalls of local craftspeople. There are also charming street cafes in Loule.

Another charming fishing village is Loule, a 20-minute drive from Faro. Its historic centre, Arabic-style covered market, and proximity to top-tier golf courses make it an ideal place to retire. Visitors will find a true taste of Portuguese culture in Loule, making it a popular destination for retirees and tourists alike. This charming coastal town is one of the best places to spend your holidays in the Algarve.

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, head to the eastern Algarve. The towns of Tavira and Loule are both charming and picturesque. You’ll find romantic picnic spots in the Ria Formosa Natural Park and charming medina barrios. And don’t forget to explore the nearby Pego do Inferno waterfall. You’ll have an unforgettable experience, whether you choose a romantic getaway in Loule or another quaint fishing town in the Algarve.