About The Island Investor

Hi my name is Warren Osada and I am semi-retired. How did I get here? Well, you guessed it – by investing in real estate. I live and breathe this field – and if you have the guts, you too can do it.

I am currently 32 33 34 35 36 years old. I graduated school w/ an engineering degree and started working at 23. I started investing in a Vancouver BC during my senior year of undergrad (thanks to sound advice from my older brother), and have been fully funding that, in addition to investing in real estate in Phoenix and to a lesser extent in Florida as well.

I still work as a personal fitness instructor here in Portugal, but that is just for my retired life. I enjoy the work for the most part, but some days are better than others ? Though I most definitely enjoy being able to mentor investors like yourselves to make decisions. My blog is about real estate investment world wide.

With that said, I dislike working for others and will never do so. I love pulling the trigger and have always done so on my own.  My goal is to become fully financially independent at 40. Let the journey begin!